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    [Augsburg, Germany, October 20]

    Recently, Huawei has been voted by German users their favorite brand and honored the Platinum Award in the category of UPS & PDU at the ceremony of IT Awards 2016 & Readers’ Choice Awards held by Vogel IT Media, a top media agency in Germany.


    Joerg Karpinski, Huawei Sales Director of Enterprise Network in Germany


    After the great popularity and the success of last year, the insider portals of Vogel IT Media have once again called for participants in the “Readers’ Choice Awards”. In this year’s selection, six IT specialist portals had preselected major IT providers around the world and then, readers cast their votes for their IT company of the year over a period of four and a half months. The deciding factors for the preselection include innovative new technologies, outstanding products and concepts, or with groundbreaking strategies. Infrastructure management, cooling system, monitoring system, consultation & design, cabling, power supply and distribution, as well as virtualization management are all covered. Silver, gold and platinum awards are presented to the three winners in each category. Platinum is the highest award, implying that the German customers think most highly of the winner from the perspectives of both technology and concept.

    Huawei UPS has embodied Huawei’s core values of “simplicity, efficiency, and reliability” and won wide recognition from meticulous German customers. Huawei is well-deserved to be honored the Platinum Award in the category of UPS & PDU. In 2016, Huawei unleashed its UPS5000-S series, whose module efficiency reaches as high as 97.5% by employing cutting-edge technologies, leaps and bounds ahead of industry standards. To build more efficient UPS, Huawei has optimized components, modules, and the entire system, making sure that each part has the optimal performance. Huawei has carefully analyzed each power consumption component, tested it over and over again, and adopted premium products from other top players to reduce component power consumption. Inside each module, patented topology and product architecture are used to effectively lower the overall consumption of the UPS. Improved software algorithms have precision control over hardware to increase the operating efficiency and decrease the consumption of the system.

    Huawei UPS has won wide recognition from the industry and also many awards, including “Customer Satisfaction Brand Award 2015”, “Customer Satisfaction Solution Award 2015”, and “Data Center Product Application Award”. In addition, both UPS2000-G and UPS5000-E have been certified by the ENERGY STAR. Up to now, Huawei UPS has found wide applications across industries and boasts a variety of customers, including China Mobile, China International Capital Corporation Limited, Hong Kong Airport, London Underground, Wöhrle in Germany, Merlion in Russia, and Elinex in the Netherlands.