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    SUN2000 8-28 KTL String Inverter

    These solar inverters maximize energy yields for rooftop, hillside, and ground-mounted Photo-voltaic (PV) power plants.

    Technically, they are string inverters designed for a three-phase power grid connection. Intelligent monitoring and fault detection for the strings reduces the time needed to locate faults. The inverters use three-level topology and deliver maximum efficiency of 98.7%. The photon test result is A+/A+. Each inverter provides up to three Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) routes for a particular environment.

    The inverters use natural cooling with no external fan for long-term outdoor applications.


    Huawei SUN2000 (8-28KTL) Solar Inverters provide efficient and reliable value for PV power plants

    • Smart: Intelligent monitoring and fault detection for up to six strings, which shortens fault location time by 80%
    • Efficient: Maximum efficiency 98.7%, European efficiency 98.4%; photon test result A+/A+
    • Safe: Built-in class II AC and DC surge protection devices and fuse-free design prevents fires caused by a possible DC fault
    • Reliable: Natural cooling with no external fan eliminates fan replacement or maintenance

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