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    SUN8000 Central Inverter

    Inverters are ideal choices for large-scale, grid-tied power plants — power plants that store electricity when production, especially from intermittent renewable electricity sources such as solar power, exceeds consumption.

    These three-level-topology inverters deliver a maximum conversion efficiency of 98.7 percent. Their modular design isolates faults to enhance reliability.

    The inverters support two-winding transformers for power grid connections, which help save up to 20 percent of your transformer investment. Intelligent cyclic hibernation technology optimizes light-load efficiency and increases the revenue from energy yields.

    Huawei SUN8000 Series Solar Inverters — large-scale PV plant solutions for higher yields and reliability

    • Higher yields: industry-leading efficiency, maximum efficiency 98.7 percent, European efficiency 98.5 percent
    • Reliable: power modules designed so there is no system interruption in case of a single module fault
    • Smart: up to 100 percent active power with continuously adjustable and reactive-power compensation for grid management
    • User friendly: easy installation and maintenance with modular, space-saving design

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